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The challenge

Royal Highnies is a luxury loungewear brand with both consumer and wholesale capabilities. They came to us to boost brand awareness and develop a brand new e-commerce site that is modern, fully-functional and user friendly for all. Sold at high end boutiques all around the world, Royal Highnies also needed a site that can fulfill wholesale orders and simplify the process of order tracking and procurement.


While developing the brand new e-commerce site for Royal Highnies, our team simultaneously built monthly campaigns powered by multiple digital marketing strategies that all funneled to an online pop-up store for consumers to shop.

A notable increase in sales as well as social following for the brand began to rise, and by the launch of the new e-commerce site, Royal Highnies had already increased their online sales by 25% and 10% for wholesale orders.
We’ve established a stronger identity for the Royal Highnies brand that is strategically catered for its target demographic while also satisfying the needs of its wholesalers.

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