grace financial

Guiding your
financial goals under our wing

The challenge

Grace Financial Services is a privately owned organization that provides financial support to clients across the United States, primarily in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Grace Financial Services, previously part of its parent company Grace HealthCare, came to us needing brand development and a new website design that would help them stand out as its own financial entity while also reflecting familiarity from its parent company.


To help position Grace Financial Services in a competitive industry, we began the project with market research to identify their competitors and target audience.

We took a creative approach in our design to help the financial company really stand out in the marketplace. The Grace Financial Services logo was derived from its parent company’s original identity. The original logo featured an abstracted wing that was redeveloped to give the GFS brand a fresh, new, and modern appeal.
To reflect warmth and approachability, we used visual cues and the same color scheme from the logo throughout the entire design of the website. We also coined their motto which was inspired by the overall appeal of the web design coming together, “Guiding your financial goals under our wing.”

By injecting aspects of the parent company’s original branding, we created a recognizable brand and website design for Grace Financial Services that gave them a competitive advantage in the crowded financial market.

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