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The challenge

MedX Services is a medication management and clinical oversight company that connects people through technology to provide better care for patients. To stand out in the healthcare industry, they partnered with Spectruss to create a clear brand message, design a user-friendly website, and develop marketing and content to grow the brand.


Our team curated a brand message for MedX Services that was concise and understandable to both B2B investors and patients. From digital to print, we used their mission ‘to enable seniors to live independent longer’ as a guidepost in all designed assets, creating a consistent message across all media channels.

We designed a fully-responsive website for MedX Services that clearly showcased their new technology solution for medication adherence. This provided a user-friendly experience for potential patients as well as interested investors.
Playing off their motto ‘prevention by proaction,’ we produced a series of video campaigns that were both humorous and relatable to MedX Services' target audience. Each commercial portrayed a 'forgetting something?' scenario that creatively showed how MedX Services’ medicine management solution can significantly help patients in day-to-day life.
Medx Commercial 1
Medx Commercial 2:
Medx Commercial 3:

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