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The challenge

The multi-billion-dollar wedding industry has grown in popularity online in recent years. An established brick and mortar suit store approached us with the idea to start and develop an e-commerce platform catered to the millennial groom and his groomsmen. The goal is to simplify the process of purchasing suits for the men of the wedding by ordering all ensembles from one source, all at once.


Our team simultaneously built the new brand and mechanics for this new e-commerce platform. Our creative team worked on developing the brand experience while our development team worked on the technology behind the shopping experience.

The fully-customized site gave the ability to use digital innovations for a highly sophisticated front end shopping experience by integrating custom ordering, sizing technology, grouped transactions, and shipping integrations.
To appeal to our audience, we gave the brand identity a modern appeal and implemented messaging targeted for grooms and his entourage across all promotional materials, lifestyle imagery, and the website design.

Playing off ‘The Hangover’ movie, our team produced a video campaign that depicts the brand’s motto, ‘Why rent if you can buy for less?’ and all the hassles, limitations and fees that come with renting a suit.

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