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The challenge

Genuine Scooters is America's favorite scooter company with a variety of makes and models to suit all tastes. The challenge was to produce a visually appealing site that brought the attention to detail to the scooters, what they were capable of, where to get one closest to you, etc. The previous site made it difficult to find accessories that fit existing scooters and finding a dealer near them that sells the type of scooter that the customer wanted was cumbersome. The site also lacked interactivity.


We produced a dynamic site powered by WordPress and Elementor. We translated the beautiful site design produced by our client and brought the concept and ideations of UX & workflow to a working ecommerce website. Extra consideration was given to all of the existing site pages and how they will need to be converted over into the new UI. We built an internal dealer portal that incorporated automation to a typically manual process.
Given the site was dynamic, it allowed new optimizations in finding compatible accessories for existing scooter owners with a much easier to understand GUI than on the existing site. A store locator was built as well to show not only dealers near you, but dealers who offered rentals, and filters to find the brand they need. This is also built into the dealer portal.

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