The Client

The Hunter Museum of American art is one of Chattanooga’s wonders. The museum features permanent and temporary exhibitions of American Arts ranging from the classics to the very modern. This project involved a complete redesign of the the museum’s website to cater for all visitors, old and young.


Web Design

With our deep background in fine arts, we were eager to give The Hunter Museum a new website that evokes a seamless digital experience that mirrors the feeling of walking through the museum’s galleries. Therefore, the biggest element on the new site was to showcase the museum’s collection and exhibitions while also giving a highly navigatable design that is user friendly for all ages. We selected a minimalistic approach to the site so it wouldn’t distract from the exhibition and collection pieces.


The Process

Restructuring the content for the new Hunter Museum website involved a very rigorous process. Our creative team and the Hunter Museum worked together to deliver a fresh and reimagined way to exhibit the art, events and all programs the museum has to offer.


Show Stopping

With a high focus on art and constant changes in exhibitions, we focused our attention in creating stunning visual galleries that showcases the schedule of exhibitions and a highly efficient organized archive that highlights the past, present and traveling art.


Event Page

As one of Chattanooga’s most sought-after event venues, the Hunter Museum needed an event page that caters to all people. We’ve developed a calendar of events with three different viewing options. The weekly calendar promotes a sense of urgency to showcase the most current events happening at the museum. The monthly calendar gives an overview of what is upcoming and a classic list view with added details and visuals to spark excitement. The events can also be organized by age appropriate events to filter through what each user is looking for.


Educational Tool

The Hunter Museum not only has educational programs, but also boasts a colorful past. We worked with the Hunter to use the website as a tool to tell the museum’s rich past.


Museum Funding

Museum funding was another important factor to deliver for the museum’s website. Organizing all the different ways to give, levels of membership, support and donations needed a highly visible place on the website to deliver a clear message to potential donors and members.


Web Design

Mobility was a very important factor while developing the Museum’s website. We’ve designed a highly functional navigation strategy for tourists and museum guests to use whle they are on the go.


Social Presence

Everyone thrives for an awesome selfie! Hunter Museum’s Party on the Bluff is the most exciting New Year’s Eve Party in Chattanooga and we developed a snapchat geofilter for guests to enjoy during the party!