The Client

With the owners’ background in geology and rock climbing, Hutton & Smith Brewing Co. came to us in 2014 with a dream of producing craft beer for people who give shist! Chattanooga being a desitnation for rock climbing and various outdoor activity, they wanted to set their micro brewery that embodied all of their passions.

We developed all of Hutton & Smith’s brand identity, web design and is now one of the most recognized breweries in Chattanooga and known for their multi-award winning craft beer!



The moment we heard the concept of Hutton & Smith’s brand and tasting their beer for the very first time, as outdoorsy Chattanoogans, we immediately fell in love with their beer and everything about the brand.

We wanted to give them something special that encompasses their love for beer, geology and the outdoors. All of those became the idea for the logo that is now a very well recognized brand in Chattanooga and with the craft beer community. Classic. Timeless. Beautiful!


Web Design

The Hutton and Smith website was designed to introduce their story and passion for brewing. All beers are uniquely named with a story and associated by color. The brewery also hosts community events that needed a place for a calendar of events and activities.


Can + Bottle

To keep brand consistency, the design for the bottles and cans for Hutton & Smith had to be kept in a very minimal yet exciting classic appeal. A focus on solid monochromatic tones were applied with the can designs, associating each type of beer with a color. With this design direction, we were able to achieve a prominent space on beer shelves that made Hutton & Smith stand out from other over designed can designs with multitute of colors. The solid color design created a clear block on the shelves that drove attention straight to the Hutton & Smith array of colors.


Tap Handles

Keeping each beer associated with a color, the tap handle designs gave a sense of ownership with each beer type that can be easily remebered by Hutton & Smith drinkers. Call it by name or call it by color, same great tasting beer!



Hutton & Smith opened their doors at the early stages of Chattanooga’s MLK district’s revival. To energize their street visibility to pedestrians, we wanted to have their name float claiming their spot on the street. The tap handle design is also featured on the wall of their entrance.



All great brands need great merch. From tees to hats, mugs and glasses, the Hutton & Smith merch has been a very popular commodity for the brewery.


Print + Posters

Great beer needs an attention grabbing introduction. We designed promotional posters for Hutton & Smith new beer releases and events.