lookout wild
film festival
lookout wild
film festival

Wild places
and the people they inspire

The challenge

Festivals get bigger and even better each year with high expectations from eager crowd goers. So how can you continue to scale live experiences for a festival year after year? The Lookout Wild Film Festival, known for its annual celebration of outdoor conservation and adventure films from around the world, approached us with this challenge.


Since its inception in 2012, Lookout Wild Film Festival has partnered with Spectruss to increase its brand awareness and audience attendance. Our digital marketing strategies and creative branding led to exponential growth for the Lookout Wild Film Festival.

Each year, we gave the festival a fresh new look to set a new theme from previous years. In 2019, our team redesigned the entire identity of the Lookout Wild Film Festival, including a highly dynamic, attention-grabbing logo and a fully-responsive website redesign.

From strategic advertising to social media and email campaigns, we’ve managed all of Lookout Wild’s digital marketing since its establishment.
With increased brand recognition, Lookout Wild has attracted major film productions with big brand sponsors such as Redbull, Audi, North Face, and Patagonia. In 2015, the festival made its first major move to a larger venue to accommodate its huge growth in audience attendees and has constantly been moving to much bigger venues year after year.

Creative strategies and core branding principles have elevated the Lookout Wild Film Festival to a widely recognized annual event, bringing to light wild places and the people they inspire!

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