The Perfect Formula for Your Social Media Strategy: 70/20/10 Rule

Messaging for a social media strategy is the number one way to gain public favor and increase brand integrity. It’s important to balance your content production of frequency and quality. While sales are important, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of all your content. No one wants to follow an account that feels forced. So, when drafting your next content calendar, add the 70/20/10 rule:


70 percent of your content build brand awareness.

This content should focus on your brand story in a fun and engaging manner. Use it as an opportunity to create your brand voice and differentiate yourself from others. Aim to make your posts become shareable.

A few examples are:

  • Sharing an inspirational story

  • Posting videos

  • Giving shout-outs

  • Sharing interesting articles

  • Posting funny memes


20 percent of content should be other people’s content- shares and reactions

Here is where you share the love and build your network. It’s a perfect opportunity for relationship-building with other brands, influencers, and followers. Make sure the content is still consistent with the mission and culture of your business

because you don’t want to confuse your audience. Your brand should genuinely believe in what’s being shared.


10 percent of content should be promotional

The smallest portion of your content should be self-promotions. Your sales pitch should remain just as seamless as the other weekly posts. Remember, social media is communicating with your audience, not at. Each post doesn’t  have to be completely straightforward like, “Buy now!” or “Partner now!”. Sharing your success stories or case studies is a more subtle way of communication your call-to-action.      


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