Q & A: Justin Aragon, Creative Director at Spectruss

Ten questions with Justin Aragon, Creative Director here at Spectruss


Tell us how your background in architecture has shaped your career?

“Architecture is built for permanence. My architectural training and knowledge of the classics have helped me identify and incorporate the qualities of timeless design to every project. Staying relevant over time is very important to me.”

How does working at Spectruss excite you?

“Working with an enthusiastic team, great clients, unique projects and leading the creative side of the business excites me every morning!”

In your opinion, what differentiates Spectruss?

“People usually come up to me and say… “I can tell when you guys did it.” We’ve built a more modern identity that separates us from others.”  

Describe your creative process.

“Developing a strong concept and letting that blossom effortlessly.”

During the creative process, what should others keep in mind?

“Step 1: Question everything. Step 2: Have an answer. Step 3: Slay.”

What does strategic design mean to you?

“Flawlessness. In reference to the previous question: If you have an answer or a reason for every design decision then you’ve developed a superb strategy!”

Can you give us a tip for success?

“Show… Don’t Tell.”

Do you have any inspirations?

Less is More – Mies Van Der Rohe”

Are you seeing any trends?

“I only like trends that have an ability to become a classic. But I always feel like the trendy thing to do is to not be trendy.”

Any advice?

“Give white space a chance!”



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