The Gig City Welcomes TechTown

TechTown, the technology and entrepreneurial learning center, signs with Spectruss!

TechTown offers kids from 7 to 17 various opportunities to learn, explore, and discover in the world of video production, technology, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, this business is eager and ready to open the imaginations of kids across the local area.

Their founder, Paul Cummings, recently returned from Louisville, where he was a keynote speaker at the TechFest Lou and where he spoke about his vision for TechTown. Along with that, TechTown prepares for its grand opening with the “TechTown Mardi Gras Party” this coming Saturday, August 29th. They offer two types of New Orleans-style fun, with all proceeds going to scholarships for children. There’s the “TechTown Party on the Patio” and the “TechTown Party on Broad.” The Party on Broad offers attendees a casual, fun New Orleans Broad Street theme. Party on the Patio, happening simultaneously, will hold a silent auction, live music, cocktail hour, and other festivities. Both events are sure to be a hit in the Chattanooga scene, with locals always eager and excited to jump in on such eventful street festivals and parties.

TechTown seems to be ready and prepared to take Chattanooga by storm by offering the next generation a new and fun way to learn exciting, imaginative skills, and Spectruss is glad to be a part of it all.

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