How Push Notifications Can Increase Online User Engagement 

With the virtual world constantly changing, the channels a business chooses to reach its potential customers is becoming increasingly important. Utilizing the ability to grab users’ interest with your brand even away from your site is essential for increasing online traffic.

The automated push notification is an optimal channel in the post-GDPR era, allowing growing e-commerce brands to “push” communications to target users. Email and SMS are platforms that have been used for years, but today, the trend is shifting towards push notifications. Automated push notifications have shown to have a significantly higher user engagement in comparison to both email and SMS.

High Click Through Rate

Eye-catching and difficult to ignore, automated push notifications prove to have a high click through rate. As soon as the notification appears on the user’s screen, there is usually an immediate click response. In contrast, emails have a tendency to get lost in a spam folder and left unopened. A recent study shows that push notifications have a significantly higher click through rate of 7x more than emails and a retention rate of 93% with segmentation.

One Click Subscription

Opting-in to push notifications is as simple as one click. When the notification appears on the screen, the visitor selects “allow” which then immediately adds the user to the subscriber list. This is an effective and simplified way for a business to target their audience. Studies have found that automated push notifications have an opt-in rate of around 5-15% compared with 2% for email newsletters. Because of the opt-in/opt-in option, users have more control of the content they are receiving which results in the alerts being of higher value to the consumer.

Significant Engagement

Rethinking the platforms used to engage with your potential customers is essential. Along with a higher opt-in rate, push notification also receives an average engagement rate of 21%, whereas the average email click-through rate is only 3% percent. Studies also show that the average person only spends a total of 20 minutes checking their email each day, with an average of 6.4 hours before an email notification is opened. This highly contrasts with the average 16 hours a day that a smartphone is turned on or the time a person is online. Users who opt in to push notifications are much more likely to see your business’s push notifications on their device. Visitors are also 88% more likely to engage with your brand because of push notifications compared with other channels.

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