Dexter White
Dexter White Construction

Timeless Appeal, Crafted with
the Finest Architectural Details

The challenge

Dexter White Construction has been one of Chattanooga’s premier home builders since the early 1990’s. They needed a brand new website to showcase the beautiful homes they have worked on and show the variety of styles that they have built for homeowners looking to renovate their existing homes or looking for a new customized build.


Our Spectruss team collected all the beautiful photography of the homes from Dexter White Construction's portfolio. We developed a site map that gave each home its own page on the site with a gallery of images, details of their construction method and a variety of all the finishes from each project.
We began the design process by giving each home from their portfolio its own unique identity. We classified each of the architectural styles and assigned an appropriate name for each project. This way of organization by style will help the user experience to identify the type of style that they are looking for as they browse through their gallery of projects.

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