The challenge

Transcard is a global technology company that stands at the forefront of today’s digital payment revolution. But in 2019, their website was lagging behind. Transcard needed a new, modernized platform that not only supported their global brand but also restructured their extensive amount of content for a more simplified user interface. That’s when they turned to Spectruss.


Our team rebuilt the Transcard website using the Hubspot platform. This platform enabled us to use customizable features to allow tracking, measuring, and communication through the site that would support its global payment solution.

Reflecting on the company’s innovative technology for the fintech world, we redesigned Transcard’s website and modernized its brand. Staying true to their identity, we highlighted the brand’s underutilized color story and reorganized all heavy informational text for the site.
To simplify Transcard’s B2B structure, we also developed a quick animation to clearly deliver the message of what the company was capable of providing for its clients. The animation was then implemented to the site upon landing.

Transcard's new online platform simplified its user experience and modernized its brand on a global scale.

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