The Client

Grace Financial Services is a privately owned organization that provides financial support to clients across the United States, primarily in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our team developed all of Grace Financial Services’ brand identity and presentational website.



The Grace Financial Services logo was derived from its parent company’s original identity. The original logo featured an abstracted wing that was redeveloped to give the GFS brand a fresh, new and modern appeal. Combining the two letterforms of the G and the F while preserving the iconic wing from the original logo, the brand new logo mark was born. The logotype features a strong slab type to pronounce the highly established reputation of the company.


Web Design

To reflect the warmth and approachability of Grace Financial Services, visual cues from the wing of the logo were translated in actuality for the company’s website. The monochromatic color story was also reflective of the logo and imagery of wings in the same color scheme used throughout all the pages of the site. The motto was also inspired by the overall appeal of the web design coming together, “Guiding your financial goals under our wing.”



Our creative team developed all stationary materials for Grace Financial Services including business cards, letterheads, various envelopes, folders and thank you cards.



As a financial company, print collateral is very important for communication purposes. We developed and designed print materials and brochures for GFS as well as working together with content development for the pieces.



Standing out at events and conventions is extremely important for connecting with potential B2B clients. Our creative team developed unique and eye-catching collateral to get GFS at the forefront for all of their events.

Photographed is a birdcage our team built to collect business cards for conventions. The GFS logo was translated to a representational bird as a focal point for the cage to strengthen brand recognition and add a touch of whimsical appeal.



To increase brand recognition, we designed various promotional products for giveaways and conventions. For SWAG, it is very important to choose products that are useful and functional for everyday use.