Case Study

MedX Services

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The Client

MedX Services is a total medicine management company founded by Ken Lowden. The service offers real time medicine adherence monitoring paired with a pharmacy home dispensing and concierge service.

Our team of experts worked with MedX Services to provide dynamic expertise across multiple disciplines including advertising, social media, analytics, design and programming, just to name a few.



Because we do everything in-house, our virtual CMO services are both time efficient and cost effective. It positions your company to collaborate with a dedicated team of marketing experts who deliver strategic marketing to reach your marketing goals, minus the premium salary.


Print Materials

Utilizing print material is a great way to present potential customers with valuable information about your business in a small, portable form. Our creative team designed visually engaging literature to help build a recognizable brand for MedX Services.



Our public relations team leveraged strong relations to help MedX Services cultivate a positive reputation with the public through multiple platforms. At Spectruss, we create the stories, messaging, and opportunities you need to build awareness for your brand.



A visually appealing presentation has a strong influence on the tendency of your clients or investors to check out your business. The creative experts at Spectruss designed memorable and thought provoking presentations that left a lasting impression on MedX Services’ investors. All presentations are carefully customized to enhance both verbal and visual communication delivering a unique experience for viewers.


Web Development

To ensure a positive customer online experience, it is important that your website delivers an error free interaction. By Integrating several key development processes, our web developers successfully built an effective website to provide MedX Services with a strong online presence.



Our in-house video department works diligently to create original content exclusively
for your marketing goals. From commercial campaigns to demonstration videos,
Spectruss helped MedX create original content to portray its message to the audience.


Search Engine

Obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results is crucial for standing out against competitors and increasing website traffic. Performing search engine optimization across multiple channels was a critical step for increasing the online visibility for MedX Services.