The Furniture
Shoppe +
Patio Shop

Case Study


The Client

Founded by the Fowler Brothers, The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop is now in its third generation, led by Carter Fowler. They have been equipping the Chattanooga area and beyond for over 134 years with the finest quality furniture.

By integrating strategic marketing planning and creative strategies, Spectruss has boosted business growth exponentially for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop by expanding their reach to a larger audience. Our creative experts built monthly advertising campaigns to promote across all forms of media channels including print, web, social and broadcasting.


Print and Advertising

Spectruss has obtained a total print reach for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop of 38,325+ households! This was achieved by targeting audiences through various forms of print including magazine ads, mailers, price tag designs, and billboards. We designed monthly mailers to send out to new home owners, reaching a large market in search for new furniture.

We created promotional spreads in The Lookout Mountain Mirror, a magazine mailed to over 3000 paid subscribers monthly, reaching the Lookout Mountain area and beyond, including over 500 businesses downtown. Our team also designed ads for The Signal Mountain Mirror, mailed to every home on Signal Mountain, with many subscribers in other areas of town as well.


Paid Advertising

To reach a specific target market and exponentially grow online visibility for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop, our team utilized paid advertising management to drive traffic towards multiple different platforms.


Search Engine

One of the most important steps you can do for a new business is to maximize its online traffic visits through search engine optimization. In order to stand out against competitors, our team optimized The Furniture Shoppe and The Patio Shop’s website to obtain a high-ranking placement in the search results, leading to increased visibility and more website clicks.


Social Media

Social Media is an effective platform that provides brand exposure and builds customer relationships. Our team managed Facebook and Instagram platforms for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop to portray products, current sales, and upcoming events to increase online engagement and drive traffic in-store.


Email Campaigns

The Spectruss team designs monthly campaigns to send out to subscribers in four emails a month to promote current sales and events for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop. Our team uses creative design to produce visually interesting email content to grasp the attention of their subscribers and draw them to the store sales.


TV Broadcasting

Our videography department produces monthly video campaigns to advertise current promotions for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop. During the on-location-shoots, our team also utilizes drone videography to capture visually appealing content. These monthly commercials are broadcasted across multiple TV channels to reach a large audience.


Web Design

In order to achieve a positive online interaction, our team utilized responsive website design which provides easy navigation between different screen sizes. By integrating flexible layouts to detect visitor’s screen sizes, we achieved a seamless website experience.


Shopify Site

During the event of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Furniture Shoppe & The Patio Shop needed an urgent solution to reach customers and sell products. Our team developed a full-fuctioning e-commerce store using the Shopify platform to quickly get products online for customers to purchase and keep revenue flowing in for the business.


Event Planning

In order to increase foot traffic, our advertising team hosted events for The Furniture Shoppe and Patio Shop. These events provided an opportunity to draw in more traffic by offering customers something unique while also growing relationships with individuals.