Case Study


The Client

Transcard is a leading fintech company that stands at the forefront of today’s digital payment revolution. With a proprietary payment platform, they are leading the way with innovative technologies focused on facilitating payments for organizations that increase speed, boost efficiency, and lower costs.


Web Design

To reflect the company’s innovative technology for the fintech world, we were given the task to redesign Transcard’s website and modernize their brand. Staying true to their identity, the project allowed us to highlight the brand’s underutilized color story and use it in a strategic way to organize all heavy informational text for the site.



We built the Transcard website using the Hubspot platform. Using this platform enabled us to use Hubspot’s customizable features to allow tracking, measuring and communication through the site.



To simplify Transcard’s B2B structure, we developed a quick animation to deliver the message of what the company was capable to provide for its clients. The animation was then implemented to the site upon landing.



With various services, solutions and industries that Transcard works with, we developed custom iconography to represent all aspects of the business. Iconography promotes visual recognition and a secondary aid to lead site visitors to the information they are seeking.