Conversant Group - A Spectruss Case Study
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Connecting the Dots: The goal for Conversant Group’s new identity is to reflect the IT infrastructure and security consulting company’s image with a logo that says it all. Using the C and G’s letter forms to connect all the moving parts that the company does was the concept behind the new rebranded Conversant Group.

Website Redesign

With strategic planning, our team redesigned Conversant Group’s website, an IT infrastructure and security consulting company, that stood out from any other company within the same industry. Since Conversant serves key industries, like Legal and Medical, we supported each one with its own landing page and content to attract specific audiences and receive better search engine results. Clear colors, simple graphics, typography, and strong CTAs were used to create a highly navigatable site that is fully responsive on all devices.

Motion Graphics

Presentation in motion. Our creative team was given the task to animate the core layers of Conversant Group’s security. We modeled the concept using a lollipop to show a visual representation of the infrastructure of their security.