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3 Ways to Optimize your Marketing in the Furniture Industry

Spectruss works seamlessly in many different industries and brands, but one that hits really close to home (pun intended) is our partnership with Fowler Brothers Company Home & Patio

Now, what you might not know is that Fowler Brothers Co. was formerly known as two separate businesses called The Patio Shop and The Furniture Shoppe. One single store, with essentially two separate brands. 

Initially, Fowler Brothers Co. was outsourcing all of their marketing to multiple different agencies. One handled social media and digital advertising, one handled website design and management, one handled radio and tv marketing, etc. This way of business created brand inconsistency, increased margins and unnecessary hassle for Fowler Brothers Co. This is where Spectruss comes in! 


Streamline your marketing 

We were contacted to be their full-service, in-house marketing and advertising agency. The reason for turning to an agency like Spectruss is because all of your marketing efforts can be streamlined and perfected through one funnel as opposed to being touched by many different parties. It’s like that game of telephone everyone played as kids where you whispered something in your neighbor’s ear and they passed it to the next person with the end goal being that the last person can repeat what you initially told your neighbor. It never turned out that way though! Too many people were involved in telling the story, so the message got lost. The same thing happens in marketing all the time when we allow so many different hands to touch our branding and messaging. 

Like previously mentioned, Fowler Brothers Co. was not always known by that name. Spectruss’ first course of action was to source all of “The Furniture Shoppe’s” marketing needs into one strategic and monthly generated campaign. We started handling their digital and print advertisements, social media, monthly TV campaigns and overall brand awareness. Not only did we save them time and money, but we significantly boosted their sales with a 24% increase on foot traffic by strategically streamlining all of their marketing efforts. 


Don’t be afraid to rebrand 

After a year of this partnership, we found there were many challenges in having one store with two separate brands. After strategizing and researching, we decided it would be best to consolidate the two names into one to eliminate potential confusion to customers as well as to strengthen the brand and spend marketing dollars more efficiently. 

We immediately started working on a rebranding pitch to turn the brands The Patio Shop and The Furniture Shoppe into Fowler Brothers Company. Our goal was “One name. One Store. One Company.”

Fowler Brothers Co. has a 135-year long history in Chattanooga and we really wanted to ensure we could commemorate the past while moving toward the future. While paying respects to the family-owned business, we created a new logo that stayed true to the original vision of the business that long-time patrons would recognize. We also developed a new website, e-commerce store, and a unified social media account so that the brand experience would be all encompassing from one channel to the next.


Use e-commerce stores to your advantage 

It’s easy in the furniture business to hyper focus on getting people through the door and while that will always be important, we have to know the direction the world is moving. Long are the days when people only bought furniture by going into a brick and mortar store and browsing for hours. Now, that will always be the preferred method for some, but others love the convenience and simplicity and looking online for any and all home decor. Don’t let this scare you! 

The new site we designed for Fowler Brothers Co. features interactive pages that allow customers to select their style choices and rooms they’re looking to furnish for a customized interior design recommendation. Product visuals are everything for online shopping! Don’t be afraid to create the best online purchasing platform available for your customers. In fact, the ease of your e-commerce store might prompt customers to stop by and try out the products before they purchase. 

If you’re in the furniture industry and you’re looking to optimize your marketing, book a 20 minute call with us to strategize about the future of your business! 


Your Business’s Tone Of Voice

If you are reading this article, it may be because you are researching what your business’s tone of voice should be. Your tone of voice is how you communicate to your audience, and the way they recognize your voice. 

It’s important to note that before you choose your company’s tone of voice, you first need to consider what your brand’s culture and company values are. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when brainstorming ideas. 

What to consider when forming Business’s tone of voice:

  • You company’s dress code
  • Your target audience
  • Your characteristics and values
  • The location of your office
  • Is your business formal or informal?
  • What your business is NOT (who are you not targeting, or who you do not want to be as a company).

Once you’ve pondered on who you are as a brand, it’s time to start thinking about your tone selection. Are you going to be funny? Or should you be more serious? There are many different types of tones to choose from. Below we have made a list of some of the most common tones in business. 

Common Tones of Voice:

  • Formal tone
  • Informal tone
  • Absurd/Odd tone 
  • Humorous tone
  • Serious tone
  • Optimistic tone
  • Motivating tone
  • Respectful tone
  • Assertive/Aggressive tone
  • Conversational tone
  • Positive/Inspiringtone
  • Emotional tone
  • Strong tone

If you are stuck and not sure which direction to go, that’s ok! You can always outsource this work to an agency like ours who can help with your branding. Contact us today for further assistance! 

Uncategorized Named Spectruss Top 15 Agencies in Atlanta

Voted in the top 15 Atlanta agencies for Legal Marketing and Advertising.

We are honored to be named in the Top 15 Atlanta agencies for Legal Marketing and Advertising. Our team has been serving the Atlanta area for 10+ years, and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon! We serve clients in every industry, and have had many success stories with past clients in the legal field. 

What was said about us, “Spectruss is a branding and marketing company that caters to commercial clients in Atlanta and nearby areas. Its virtual chief marketing officer package helps clients in the legal field establish in-house marketing teams, execute research and data analysis, and perform audits. The company implements e-commerce development, influencer marketing, SEO, technology integration, and full-stack expansion to generate more traffic. Other services include brand positioning, campaign planning and reporting, email work, and audience segmentation. Spectruss has worked with Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, and KFC.”

Some of the past law firms we have worked with include:

Best Hayduk Brock
Patrick Beard Schulman and Jacoway 

Read Patrick Beard Schulman and Jacoway Law Firm’s case study here:

Let us help your law firm excel! Contact us today to get started.


Testimonial: Lookout Wild Film Festival

Lookout Wild Film Festival was established in 2012. During the past decade, LWFF has grown from a small gathering viewing films at the Crash Pad and moving its way to small theaters at The Chattanooga Choo Choo and The Walker Theater. Now the festival has made its home at the Tivoli Theatre, showing films at the largest screen of its type in North America. How did they do this? By implementing an increase in awareness and ticket sales with Spectruss!

Spectruss CEO, Sam Silvey, has been part of the festival’s board of directors since its establishment and has been working with the board on pushing the festival’s growth each year. Since 2012, Spectruss has managed and overseen all of Lookout Wild Film Festival’s creative content from the website design and development to all marketing and promotional collateral, including both digital and print assets for the past ten years.

In 2019, the first year the Lookout Wild Film Festival is being shown at the Tivoli, Spectruss gave the festival a brand new look with an updated festival logo, a brand new website and a complete refresh of the identity of the festival for its premiere at the Tivoli Theatre. Films were coming from all over the world and festival goers have significantly increased from the past years. With the success of the 2019 festival, Spectruss continued to deliver the same energy for the upcoming January 2020 festival.

Right after the 2020 festival, COVID-19 began to spread forcing the festival to remagine the event for the next year. Lookout Wild moved the films outdoors for the 2021 festival to coincide with the Nightfall Summer Concert Series.

For 2022, Andy Johns, Festival Director for LWFF, faced another challenge promoting the attendance for the festival at the current stage of the pandemic. Andy and the board came to the realization that it will require more help in 2022 than ever before when it came to advertising initiatives.

Prior to Spectruss stepping in with a successful advertising campaign in order to increase awareness and ticket sales within a very limited time frame, the festival was in jeopardy of being canceled due to the low volume of ticket purchases. With only two weeks left to boost ticket sales, Spectruss quickly implemented an aggressive push to the strategic marketing and advertising campaign that led to the success of the event.

The campaign included various digital advertising initiatives via social media, email marketing, as well as a highly strategic placement of billboard campaigns, all of which ran for only two weeks to increase ticket sales at a substantial rate. Upon carefully selecting the appropriate targeted audience and applicable platforms, the advertising messaging incorporated a sense-of-urgency campaign strategy to incentivize customers to buy weekend passes before ticket prices went up. We ran multiple price increases in the two weeks leading up to the festival so we could create multiple sense-of-urgency campaigns that included digital social ads and email campaigns for each price increase. The result from this strategy yielded more weekend passes sold in 2022 than before covid.

According to Andy, “I can’t suggest highly enough working with their team. It’s a creative crew, it’s a fun crew, it’s a crew that got the culture that we were after, and took our event and made it their own. It’s been a great partnership over the years, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Increase awareness and ticket sales at your next event by contacting us today:


Taking A Mental Health Day

It’s been a hard month for you- in the work world and in your personal life. Sometimes we try to put our heads down and “just keep going”, but when should you take some time for yourself? Have you thought about taking a mental health day? I know, how on earth could I ever take a day off from work?! Follow along to see when it might be a good time to take a mental health day.

Signs you need a break:

  1. Your stress is becoming unhealthy. Your loved ones have noticed a change in you and might even be concerned.
  2. You’ve recently gone through something really hard. Whether it be losing a loved one, a major breakup, or just a mixture of personal problems.
  3. Your health is declining- physically and mentally. Maybe you’ve noticed your anxiety is at an all time high, or your blood pressure has gone up.
  4. Your performance at work has been slipping.

If you’re considering taking a mental health day, you might be wondering, “How do I take off from work for this?” Well, hopefully you have some vacation or sick days saved up. We would recommend putting in for your day off two weeks in advance if possible. Plan your day ahead of time so you can truly unplug and enjoy your day. It’s also good to note that if you take off on a Monday or Friday, you can have an extended weekend to enjoy yourself.


Mental Health Day Ideas:

  • Book a massage, facial, or hair appointment. Whatever it is that you like to do to pamper yourself- do it.
  • Shop for a new work outfit (if that’s your thing). Feeling good in your new clothes can motivate you when you return to work.
  • Take your favorite exercise class or go for a walk in the park. This will help boost your mood.
  • Schedule your mental health day with a loved one. Maybe you miss connecting with your spouse or you haven’t seen your mom in a while. Spend the day with someone you love!
  • Go to your favorite restaurant or sweet shop. Treat yourself to a nice meal!

If you feel that these negative feelings are continuing for you on a consistent basis, it may be time to talk to your doctor. We hope this article helps with scheduling your mental health day!

Helpful links for mental health:

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Marketing Ideas: Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. As we celebrate the women who have greatly impacted American history, join your business in on the conversation. In this article, we give you some tips and tricks on ways to promote Women’s History Month.

Ideas on how to promote Women’s History Month:

  • Make an Instagram Story asking your followers who their favorite woman in history is
  • Celebrate the woman in your industry who pioneered a way for you with a social media post
  • Create an educational email campaign about which women paved the way for you
  • Have a giveaway for your followers- they must comment on your post with their favorite woman in history
  • Tell interesting stories about women in history on your Instagram stories
  • Promote a fundraiser that supports women in need

We hope the article gives you a good starting point on celebrating Women’s History Month. Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!

Read more about Women’s History Month here: