Virtual CMO is the Answer to Growing Your Business

The success of a company depends heavily on the way you market your business. Specialized marketing efforts are crucial for creating brand consistency and business growth. In order to take your company to the next level, you must hire a marketing expert; however, in-house marketing directors or chief marketing officers require an expensive salary while still needing to outsource additional services such as videography, programming, design, etc.

What if you could partner with a whole team of dedicated marketing experts who deliver strategic marketing to reach your business goals, without the premium salary? Enter the Virtual CMO.

So what is a Virtual CMO?

A Virtual CMO (vCMO) covers all strategic marketing for your business. It’s an outsourced team of  professionals who work together to lower your customer acquisition cost while freeing up your valuable time. VCMO reduces overhead, relieves the pain of 3rd management, and strengthens your brand identity.

“Every business needs a strong and consistent brand identity, whether B2B or B2C. To accomplish this, you must tackle every area of advertising and marketing. Not only is this expensive for a business to do, it’s also a lot of 3rd party management, which allows for inconsistency in brand identity.” – Sam Silvey, CEO at Spectruss.

vCMO Services Include:

Benefits of a Virtual CMO

Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a vCMO is that your business is saving a huge amount of money! A virtual CMO is providing companies with estimated savings between 30-70%. This is because an average Chief Marketing Officer’s salary is $170k, not including additional costs of outsourced divisions. With a virtual CMO, an effective, outsourced team could cost less than a third of that expense.

High Quality Results

With a higher focus and consistency comes a higher quality output. An outsourced vCMO sees your business from an outside perspective which allows for unbiased, honest opinions about your company. Their network of marketing resources will allow them to analyze what works, what needs improvement, and clearly prioritize the problems needed to be solved for your business.

All in one Staffing Solution

A virtual CMO provides expertise across multiple disciplines. If your company launches a new product or service into a new marketing medium (digital media, social media, etc.), an in-house marketing director may not have the experience or skills to effectively execute to the public. When you hire an outsourced vCMO, you will have access to a broader range of expertise.


Effective marketing requires consistency to establish brand recognition and positive customer experience. While business owners have every intention of driving their marketing efforts, something more pressing is bound to hit their desk becoming the new priority. An outside team’s priority will always be to provide marketing that delivers proven and measurable results while ensuring you make the right marketing decisions for your business.