Fully Responsive E-commerce Site to Capitalize on Direct to Consumer Sales and Streamline Digital Wholesale Orders.

A Spectruss Case Study



Royal Highnies is a growing retailer showcasing luxury loungewear online. They have spent years moving into the spotlight as a maker of premium undergarments and loungewear, specializing in what is widely known as “the perfect boxer short.” From Royal Highnies boxer shorts to tee shirts to lounge pants and more, Royal Highnies delivers the ultimate comfort and quality for men, women, and children.


The Challenge:

Maintaining Various Sales Channels

The shopping behavior of modern consumers has evolved, and expectations have risen. Consumers want their shopping experience to be easy and convenient, no matter where they are. Like most retail companies Royal Highnies faced challenges to differentiate, adapt, and meet these ever-changing buying behaviors of digitally empowered customers across various sales channels. The company wanted to present their wholesale customers with a seamless experience alongside their normal retail store, while also capitalizing on direct to consumer sales. Fortunately, with the right strategy in place, it is possible to successfully reach and manage both channels on a fully responsive, seamless platform.



Identifying Channel Opportunities

At Spectruss, our customized, scalable omnichannel strategy allows us to understand the entire retail landscape to help retailers like Royal Highnies manage the challenges of selling across all retail platforms. Our approach delivers a seamless and consistent experience across channels while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with The purpose is to create personalized real-time customer experiences on the channels where they are shopping and buying, whether it’s in a physical store, online store, or social media, to nurture more sales and engagements. It inter-relates every channel to engage with customers as a holistic-whole, to ensure they are having a wonderful experience with the brand throughout each and every channel.


Fully Responsive Site

After building a beautifully designed website, we set up a mobile and tablet-specific personalized strategy that uses geography to enhance the experience for on-the-go shoppers. This integration and seamless experience across all consumer touchpoints allow multi-channel selling to be as natural as possible for double the conversions rates.


Made Every Touchpoint Shoppable

Instagram’s Newest Shopping Features

In order to fully capitalize on direct to consumer, we incorporated Instagram’s newest shopping features to close the loop between the product discovery stage and conversion stage. This helped Royal Highnies provide a more seamless experience for customers who see their products on social media, eliminating the need for them to search for their website for the desired product and make a purchase.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimized all devices for search engines to increase organic and paid search results.


Wholesale Extensions

To balance wholesale with growing D2C sales, our developers integrated a wholesale plugin specifically for WooCommerce that provides wholesale customers an amazing experience alongside normal retail store.

Automatically adjusts pricing based on email

Product visibility control

Tiered discounts

Streamlines order form

Tax control


Seamless Integrations

We installed QuickBooks and ShipStation extensions so Royal Highnies can keep their shipping and accounting information in sync by allowing ShipStation to automatically send sales receipts directly to their QuickBooks platform.

Online Shipping and Order Fulfillment:

Without proper automation and infrastructure, delays and mis-ships can occur, especially when selling on multiple channels. To prevent this, we integrated ShipStation so Royal Highnies can easily customize a streamlines order fulfillment process, handling everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication.

Accounting Software:

We integrated QuickBooks to help Royal Highnies effectively manage their money, track expenses, create customer reports, and generate receipts and invoices, anytime and anywhere.


The Results

Royal Highnies has already seen a 48% increase in sales since launch from mobile and tablet devices. These were devices that were previously returning little to no sales since the site was not optimized for mobile and tablet sales.



The Holiday Season Has Already Began, Are you Prepared?

The holiday shopping season is upon us and with the right strategy in place, it can bring in as much as 30% of a retailer’s total sales in just one season. One of the biggest misconceptions about holiday marketing is that you need to get your ads up and running just in time for Black Friday. In reality, a recent study showed over 40% of US consumers plan to begin their holiday shopping before November, and a solid 31% plan to start before September or earlier.

Start early

Campaigns that start in October see a 7% increase in impressions, a 12% decrease in average cost-per-click (CPC) and a 20% decrease in average cost-per-impression (CPM) compared to other holiday months. These stats prove that by starting early, you’ll be able to reach both new and existing customers with strategic holiday messaging at a lower cost, which will positively impact your total ROI. It is also important to remember that the earlier you run your holiday campaigns, the better because of the less competition you’ll likely see. As the holiday season ramps up, so will the competition. However, you’ll be ahead of the game and can focus your budget on bringing your new high-intent users down the funnel to convert.

Keep them running

While October is the best time to start running your campaigns, this doesn’t mean that you should skip out on other holiday months. In fact, engagement is highest in November and December. Last season, advertisers saw a 9% increase in click-through-rate (CTR) in November and a 15% increase in CTR in December. This means during the two months, your brand needs more meaningful, engaging content and a clear understanding of your customer’s journeys.

The rise of mobile marketing

As content consumption habits shift further online and into mobile, so do shopping habits, and it’s crucial to build omnichannel engagement programs that meet consumers where they spend their time. Based on a recent study, this year consumers are planning to spend a majority of their holiday budgets online and via mobile devices this year. For the five-week holiday period from Nov. 21st- Dac. 26th in 2017, mobile shopping accounted for 41% of purchases. In fact, on Thanksgiving, mobile shopping accounted for more purchases than those that came from a standard desktop computer. Beyond that, cross-device campaigns feature some of the best performance when compared to regular desktop or social media campaigns. Plus the average CPC is 63% cheaper on mobile than it is on a desktop for the average holiday campaign.

Tapping into social media for success

One of the best ways to take advantage of a mobile audience is to make sure that you’re running your ads across social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, AdRoll customers saw a 400% increase in CTR on Instagram when compared to their display campaigns, and a 54% increase in CTR on Facebook.

Personalize the holiday shopping experience

Make sure you are planning your social media strategy around a user-centric approach. Try to think like your customers, figure out the platforms they use, and produce content they want to see and engage with. It’s not a secret that video marketing is a major trend to exploit. Providing something of value is often the key to success, and 77% of consumers are more likely to watch an online video ad if they would receive a discount off a holiday purchase.

Vary your promotions/sales

If you want to keep consumers interested, you’ve got to add variety to holiday promotions. Start by deciding how many different types of sales or promotional events you want to offer during the holiday shopping season. Here are a few ideas that you can use for different types of promotional offers during the holiday shopping season:

  • Provide early access to those on your email list.
  • Offer “VIP” shopping opportunities to your most loyal customers.
  • Create a sale for different product or category of products each week.
  • Ramp up your sales percentages as it gets closer to the holidays.

Spectruss Sees Record Growth with Innovative Marketing Solutions and New Hires

A marketing agency reaches new milestones by providing profitable, scalable growth


Chattanooga, TN – Aug. 13th, 2018 – Spectruss, a full-service marketing agency based in the Chattanooga, TN area, continues to see rapid growth through its innovative virtual CMO service. It provides clients with direct access to the expertise of an in-house marketing team minus the premium salary of hiring a full-time marketing director. Additionally, the agency recently hired multiple new team members to support their continued growth in servicing complex B2B and B2C markets.

Spectruss’s vCMO services develop and tailor profitable marketing strategies for their clients which includes initiatives, execution, tracking, and more. Every vCMO client is partnered with a dedicated team of marketing professionals that consists of a Marketing Strategist, Creative Director, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Programmer, Data Analyst, and Social Media Manager.

To learn more about the Virtual Chief Marketing Officer services, click the link below.

“I am proud of the diverse and extremely talented team that we have assembled at Spectruss. We now have the ability to develop and manage every aspect of marketing systems, ranging from e-commerce technology, to design, video and digital advertising. With all of these services being managed under one roof, time to live and overall ROI for our clients drastically increases,” said Sam Silvey, President of Spectruss.

Over the years, Spectruss has grown to become one of the leading players in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing by transforming Fortune 500 companies with tremendous growth. The Certified Google Partner and Hubspot Partner is the only local agency to effectively provide every service in-house for businesses. With experience in complex industries, Spectruss has seen a demand in B2B shifting their process online through direct to consumer e-commerce systems.     

“A lot of traditional manufacturer buyers are becoming accustomed to online purchasing. At Spectruss, we provide unique B2B markets with a customized E-commerce platform for each of their clients. In addition to strengthening their buyers’ relationships, our seamless online interfaces eliminate wasted time in the ordering process,” said Jordan Layao, Business Development.

In addition to B2B markets, Spectruss has successfully positioned their B2C clients as #1 subscription box featured on the Today Show, #1 in Wired Magazine, and on some of the top brand influencers in the world.


The agency’s continuous growth also consists of four new hires:


Amanda Tracy produces designs that visually communicate Spectruss clients’ messages across in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. Amanda received a BFA in Graphic Design from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and has over 7 years professional design experience, working in both small branding studios and large advertising agencies. Her work has been featured in Print Magazine, Awwwards, and Creative Quarterly.


Nick Friend joins Spectruss as the Photo/ Video Director with an extensive background in filmmaking from major sets. Like Terminator: Genisys and Planet of the Apes, and Jack Reacher, as well as TV shows like True Detective, VICE, and Togetherness. He is in charge of making sure that Spectruss’s vision, along with their clients, is realized through photography film, and videos. Nick has a Bachelor’s degree focused in documentary film from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with a minor in creative writing.


Jordan Layo oversees business development to grow and retain existing clients by presenting new solutions and services. His deep interest in leadership led him to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Jordan had the privilege of working with several startups in the Chattanooga area, most notably Muse + Mettā, to help build their brand and order of operations.


Evan Norton comes to Spectruss as a web developer/programmer ensuring that the functionality, navigation, and overall performance of websites meet the needs of clients. Knowing development was his passion, he attended Covalence, a coding bootcamp, straight out of high school, receiving a certification in full stack development. After a few months of building experience working on personal projects and freelance work, Evan joined Spectruss.


If you would like more information about Spectruss, please call Erin Taylor at 423.800.8633 or email


About Spectruss

Spectruss is a full-service marketing agency based out of Chattanooga, TN that specializes in Marketing Solutions utilizing custom website development, graphic design, photography, online and print advertising, social media management, review management, and data analysis. Its mission is to exert passion through every project, design, or website development they touch.