Design Marketing

Email Design Trends for 2020

We’ve entered into a new decade of email design.

It’s important that we adapt our email strategies to appeal to new audiences and keep ahead of the competition. Check out the trending 2020 email designs below that will be sure to spark new interest and grab the attention of your readers!

Design for Dark Mode

We’ve all heard about Dark Mode. This new feature on digital devices displays copy on a dark background and a light foreground. This setting is gaining huge popularity and is a solution for those with light sensitivity. More people are using dark color schemes as the default setting on their digital devices and find bright designs to be a jarring experience.

Designers should start using darker background colors in their email designs to stand out against the many bright-colored email campaigns we saw in 2019.

Use Minimalistic Design

The power of minimalism is in the beauty of simplicity. Inboxes can get quickly jam-packed with emails, so cut through the noise with an easy-to-read design using plenty of negative space. By simplifying the content and making it easily digestible, you provide a clear call to action for the reader.

Minimalistic design in emails has been gaining attention over the last year and is expected to continue to soar in 2020.

Apply 3D Visuals

Designers are getting more creative with their use of visuals in emails. 3D visuals have already begun to gain popularity with big brands because it delivers imagery that is more realistic and intriguing. In contrast to traditional flat imagery, 3D visuals bring products to life and spotlight key messages.

Using 3D imagery in email campaigns brings a wow factor to the table and is expected to continue to gain major traction in 2020.

Ditch the Columns

Switch it up and don’t be so boring! So many emails follow the typical column layout which starts with the email header at the top followed by the product image, description, and so forth.

This year, think beyond the conventional email layout and start using broken grids in your designs to create a more engaging experience for your subscribers.