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4 Strategies for Holiday Marketing Success

Did you know that Holiday sales alone can make up to 40% of the annual customer transactions for both small and mid-sized businesses? You should be capitalizing on that! It’s crucial that ecommerce businesses, specifically, revamp their holiday marketing campaigns to manage this increased revenue during the Holiday season. Let’s dive into our 4 Strategies for Holiday Marketing Success.


Create a sense of urgency 

There’s nothing that will cause a customer to make a purchase quicker than seeing “only 1 item left in stock.” If a customer knows that an item they want is likely to sell out, they won’t wait to make that purchase. Creating urgency can also be caused by Holiday discounts that consumers know only happen once a year. It’s easy to devalue your brand when you have thoughtless giveaways or discounts throughout the year, so be intentional about the sales you create, especially during the Holiday season. 


You want to ensure that you capitalize on building a relationship with your customer during this season so that customers will want to make repeat purchases. 


Creative Holiday Visuals 

Whether it’s through digital or print ads or packaging for your item, get creative with your visuals! Why? You’re not just looking to be festive or enhance the appearance of your product, but you’re wanting to create an overall memorable experience for your customer. Christmas is full of nostalgia for many different reasons and finding a way to incorporate that nostalgia through a video campaign or packaging is a way to set your products apart. While new visual strategies can be beneficial, people love familiarity and are seeking that now more than ever since there has been so much change the last few years. Throw a big block party every year for past and future customers! 


What would the benefit be if every year you released a Holiday theme for your packaging, store decor, or a festive party? Get creative and let your customers weigh in on the excitement through a social media campaign! 


Involve the Community 

Christmas is the season of giving and many consumers look for companies that give back and support the community to purchase items from. Find a local organization that you can partner with whether it be your staff going to volunteer one evening, or if a portion of each sale goes to supporting that organization. Take behind the scenes footage of your staff volunteering and curate a Holiday video highlighting the partnership and telling customers how they can further show support. 


This creates that warm and fuzzy feeling that only giving can and customers are willing to pay a little more for a product when they know it goes to supporting a further cause. This is a great way to bring Holiday cheer to an organization that needs it while also creating incentive for customers to support your business. 


Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Do you get the point? Holiday marketing can seem so generic at times and you do not want your company to fall into that trap. There’s not a better feeling than getting an ad served to you that feels like it was written just for you! Get incredibly targeted with your ads this year. Don’t just create campaigns for your big Holiday sale and call it a day. Have different target ads with different audiences and intended outcomes to allow your campaign to mean something to a consumer. 


For example, instead of a campaign reading, “Don’t miss our big Holiday sale November 30 through December 24th!” Let it read, “We know you’re shopping last minute. We also know you’ll be in the dog house with your kids if you don’t knock it out of the park this year, so help me help you by taking advantage of our big online sale going on now through December 24th.” That ad has a specific audience – parents. Most parents do shop last minute and it may seem simple, but again, when your audience feels like you’re speaking directly to them, it matters.


Spectruss was created to help you perfectly curate messaging and campaigns to maximize your ROI. If all of this seems overwhelming to you, we’d be happy to sit down and chat about your goals, targets, and Holiday campaigns in greater detail! 

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