TODAY Show Welcomes Spectruss Client, PurrPacks

The result of an effective marketing strategy

PurrPacks knew their box of treats and toys for furry friends was a new trend that would captivate the eyes of many cat lovers. But, when the NBC TODAY show reached out to them to be featured alongside Kathie Lee and Hoda as a creative subscription idea, they were astonished.


How did PurrPacks attract this medium?


PurrPacks is a monthly subscription box of toys, treats, and fun for cats. Buyers can select from three different sizes, personalize treat flavors, and color preference. Also, 10% of all their retail subscription profits go to animal shelters.

Spectruss joined the excitement and planned to ignite the brand with a fresh new identity and creative marketing solutions to make a mark within this industry. We based our approach on what was best for PurrPacks, like we do all our clients. Our team knew we had to expand the marketing efforts in order to promote this specific brand and see a conversion increase. So, in addition to web design, social media management, email campaigns, and graphic design, we reached out to influencers.

Incorporating influencer marketing into our overall strategy positioned PurrPacks in front of their target audience’s trusted sources of information. Influencers are across different types of platforms like blogging, vlogging, social media, podcasts, etc. They typically do have a high number of followers, but that is not their purpose. This type of person or reviewer has the power to influence someone’s decision making process.

As a result, Spectruss created an opportunity to network with a number enthusiastic parties and developed relationships with multiple influencers. Thus opening the door to a circle of interest that can potentially reach other mediums, like the TODAY Show.

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